CR1220 Lithium manganese button cell for blood glucose meter

blood glucose meter battery

The application of Coin cell battery in blood glucose meters mainly involves providing power to the blood glucose meter to support its normal work and operation.

The following are some application features of Coin cell battery in blood glucose meters:

Small and lightweight: Coin cell battery is small and light, making it easy to integrate into a blood glucose meter. This design makes the overall blood glucose meter lighter and easier to carry and store.

Long battery life: Some high-end Coin cell batteries have a long service life and can support the use of the blood glucose meter for a period of time without the need for frequent battery replacement. This provides greater convenience to users.

Good stability: The voltage and current output of the Coin cell battery are relatively stable and can provide reliable power supply for the blood glucose meter. This helps ensure the accuracy and reliability of blood glucose test results.

High safety: High-quality Coin cell battery has over-discharge, over-charge and other protection functions, which can reduce battery damage and safety risks. In addition, some Coin cell batteries are also waterproof and dustproof and can be used in a variety of environments.

In short, the Coin cell battery plays an important role in the blood glucose meter, providing it with a stable, reliable, and safe power supply, thereby ensuring the accuracy of blood glucose test results and the health and safety of users.

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