The Safety and Customizability of Lithium Coin Cell Batteries by POWER GLORY

Discover the safety features and customization options of lithium button coin batteries from leading manufacturer, POWER GLORY. Learn how their OEM services and high-quality products ensure a reliable and efficient power source for your devices.

  • This CR123A cylindrical battery has a wide operating temperature and can work between -40~+70℃. At the same time, it has the characteristics of high specific energy density, long storage life, low self-discharge rate, high capacity, stable performance, and stable discharge voltage. It is the best choice of lithium batteries(LiMnO2) for GPS positioning systems.

  • CIBF exhibition came to a successful conclusion from April 27 to 29, 2024. Power Glory debuted with eight series of products and communicated with more than 2,000 elite companies from all segments of global low-carbon energy to help the development of battery technology and the low-carbon energy industry. Power Glory booth attracted many industry experts and audiences to come for consultation, and feel the R&D strength of Power Glory.

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  • Mobile POS machines are widely used in the market. General POS machines use button batteries as backup power. In order to prevent the POS machine from being invaded by external attacks, the coin cell button battery-LiMnO2 batteries can provide backup power for the device when the main power supply battery of the POS machine is exhausted to ensure the POS machine working in normal. Among the global POS terminal manufacturers, Power Glory has cooperation with the top five POS manufacturers in the world.

  • The 26th Moscow Electronic Components and Electronic Production Equipment Exhibition in Russia concluded successfully on April 18. Expo Electronica is the most representative professional electronics exhibition in Russia and Eastern Europe. It has received strong support from the Federation of Military Industries of the Russian Federation, the State Duma Information Policy Committee, the Ministry of Mass Entrepreneurship and Domestic Trade of the Moscow City Corporation, and the Ministry of Communications, Industry, Production and Food. support.

  • The 16th Chongqing International Battery Technology Exchange/Exhibition (CIBF2024) with the theme of "Linking the World, Empowering Green, and Driving the Future" is upcoming. This exhibition is hosted by the China Chemical and Physical Power Supply Industry Association and is one of the most influential new energy exhibitions in the world. Power Glory hereby sincerely invites you and your company representatives to visit our booth at Chongqing International Expo from April 27 to 29, 2024.

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