Power Glory Battery Tech(Hubei) Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development, production and sales of lithium micro batteries.The company was founded in 2004, after 20 years of development has become a world-famous lithium micro battery solution provider and manufacturer......

  • Smart City - ESL Electronic Shelf Label

    Power Glory has been focusing on lithium batteries for 20 years, providing customized lithium button batteries and highly adaptable coin cell battery power solutions for customers in the smart city field. As a lithium coin cells supplier of the top 5 electronic shelf labels (ESL) companies in the world, Omnergy coin battery is the best choice for long-term and stable power supply for ESL electronic shelf labels.

  • Smart City - ETC Application

    Power Glory strongly empowers for Smart city development As a dedicated coin battery supplier in the smart city field, Power Glory has been focusing on lithium batteries for 20 years, providing customers with customized con type lithium batteries and highly adaptable battery power solutions, which is the best choice for ETC's continuous and stable power supply.

  • Lithium manganese button battery (LiMnO2) for smart home camera

    These cameras are IP-based video surveillance solutions that enable live video streaming and recording capabilities when the device is connected through a smartphone app or other devices. These cameras also offer remote viewing facilities and different smart features such as smart home ecosystem integration, motion sound detection, two-way audio communication, and time-lapse options. The camera motherboard is equipped with a CR1220 button battery for the motherboard to remember the time.