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  • Automobile central control battery——BR2032

    The automobile central control is the place where you control the car's air conditioning, audio and other comfortable and entertainment devices. The central control of the car includes the central control door lock system. The central control door lock system mainly has three functions: central control, speed control and individual control. The car central control also includes the central console, audio control panel and other vehicle controllers.

  • How to replace car key battery

    Car keys generally use CR2025 and CR2032 lithium batteries. You can buy them based on the old battery model. The cr2032 button battery provided by Power Glory always provides strong power for your car key every day.

  • Cylindrical battery special for GPS positioning

    This CR123A cylindrical battery has a wide operating temperature and can work between -40~+70℃. At the same time, it has the characteristics of high specific energy density, long storage life, low self-discharge rate, high capacity, stable performance, and stable discharge voltage. It is the best choice of lithium batteries(LiMnO2) for GPS positioning systems.