Automobile central control battery——BR2032


The automobile central control is the place where you control the car's air conditioning, audio and other comfortable and entertainment devices.


The central control of the car includes the central control door lock system. The central control door lock system mainly has three functions: central control, speed control and individual control.

car control battery

The car central control also includes the central console, audio control panel and other vehicle controllers.


Automobile central control often requires the use of BR2032 button batteries. The BR series batteries produced by Power Glory have product features such as high temperature resistance, high voltage, high energy density, superior discharge stability, and superior storage characteristics.


We also provide a full set of BR series battery products, with more models to choose, such as: BR1225, BR1632, BR2016, BR2025, BR2325, BR2330, BR2335, BR2354, BR2430, BR2450, BR2477, BR3032, etc. We provide lithium battery customization services. If you have special customization needs of coin cell batteries, just contact us!

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