Power Glory brings full set of lithium battery solutions to the expo Electronica Exhibition


moscow expo

The 26th Moscow Electronic Components and Electronic Production Equipment Exhibition in Russia concluded successfully on April 18. Expo Electronica is the most representative professional electronics exhibition in Russia and Eastern Europe. It has received strong support from the Federation of Military Industries of the Russian Federation, the State Duma Information Policy Committee, the Ministry of Mass Entrepreneurship and Domestic Trade of the Moscow City Corporation, and the Ministry of Communications, Industry, Production and Food. support.

 Electronica Exhibition

At this exhibition, Power Glory cooperated with Expo Electronica to showcase a full range of lithium micro power supply solutions for the electronics industry chain. The batteries on display mainly include lithium manganese (CR series) button battery supplies, and lithium manganese rechargeable (ML series) button coin cell supplies. It consists of eight series including micro power supply, lithium fluorocarbon (BR series) button cell supply, super lithium-ion capacitor battery (LSC series), lithium manganese battery pouch cells supply, and cylindrical type lithium manganese LiMnO2 coin cell batteries supply, which help the development of electronic industry with unlimited possibilities. , has gained professional recognition from global industry customers and exhibition guests.

 Electronica 2024

Power Glory is one of the drafting and formulating units of primary battery industry standards and a hidden champion in the field of lithium-manganese button batteries. The company's products occupy the leading position in domestic high-end lithium micro power supplies, and it has established long-term and stable cooperative relationships with top 500 electronic equipment companies in the world. Based on the properties and characteristics of different series of batteries, we provide customized lithium micro batteries and highly adaptable power solutions to customers and consumers around the world.

moscow expo

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