ML2016 Rechargeable Lithium Coin Cell

  • ML2016 Rechargeable Lithium Coin Cell
ML2016 Rechargeable Lithium Coin Cell
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ML2016 Rechargeable Lithium Coin Cell employs specially treated manganese dioxide for the positive material and a lithium-aluminum compound for the negative material. A specially formulated organic electrolyte is also used, yielding excellent discharge characteristics with low self-discharge.


ML2016 Rechargeable Lithium Coin Cell is a new type of rechargeable Li-ion button cell, with a positive material of LixMnO2 instead of LiCoO2, and a negative material of Li-AL alloy instead of C. With a 3.0V voltage, stable cycle performance and perfect safety performance, the ML button cell is becoming the most popular type of Li-ion battery.

Technical Parameters

Product NameML2016 Rechargeable Lithium Coin Cell
Nominal Discharge current 0.2mA
Nominal Voltage 3V
Nominal Capacity 30(mAh)
Continuous standard load 15(kΩ)
Nominal Charge current 2.9mA
Operating temperature -20℃~70℃
Weight 1.8(g)
UL Recognition MH29853
Storage temperature range 0℃-30℃

Benefits of ML2016 Rechargeable Lithium Coin Cell

  • Perfect safety performance 

the ML button cell doesn’t have the danger of over charge and over discharge. And the vibration, 

short circuit, nail pricking, impact, crush, drop and other safety tests meet the UL request.

  • Good over charge endurance

the thermal change in high temperature is very small, and the stability and endurance for over charge is good.

  • Superior discharge performance

the discharge curve is stable and the cycle life, charge and discharge efficiency is superior, it is good for electric equipments.

  • Good cycle life

the material of ML button cell won’t occur the volume effect which affects the electrochemistry reaction : That is the reason 

why the material have good cycle performance. And the rest capacity will keep more than 80% of initial capacity after 200~300 cycles.

  • Good shelf life

The shelf life of Li-ion battery can be tested by the size of self-discharge. There are two types of capacity loss for self-discharge, one is 

restorable capacity and the other is non-restorable capacity. The restorable capacity can resume 95%~98%.

Key Features of ML2016 Rechargeable Lithium Coin Cell

  • High operating voltage, more than twice as high as Ni-MH batteries

  • Excellent safety performance, free from any risk of overcharging and over-discharging

  • Excellent discharge performance, stable discharge, and excellent cycle performance, with no volume effect during charging and discharging

  • Low-current charging can be widely used as a memory power source for PC and so on

Applications of ML2016 Rechargeable Lithium Coin Cell

  • Mobile Phones

  • PHS

  • OA Machines (Fax, Copiers, Printers)

  • Notebook PCs

  • Desktop PCs

  • PDAs

  • Camcorders

  • Digital Still Cameras

  • Portable CD/MD Players

  • Watches

  • Medical Instruments, Cash Registers

  • FA Instruments (Measuring Instruments, Onboard Microcomputers, Sensors)

  • Electronic Meters (Water, Gas, Electricity)

    Rechargeable Lithium Coin Cell

More Products of ML Rechargeable Lithium Coin Cell

ModelNominal Voltage(V)Nominal Current (mA)Nominal Capacity (mAh)Maximum Continuous Current (mA)Max Dimension (mm)Working Temperature(℃)Weight(g)
ML 201630.230400/180φ20.0×1.6-20~+701.8
ML 202030.240400/180φ20.0×2.0-20~+702
ML 203230.265600/300φ20.0×3.2-20~+703.1
ML 243030.31001000/500φ24.5×3.0-20~+704.2

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